2040 Comprehensive Plan

 Woodbury isn't growing because the Met Council expects us to.  We are growing because Woodbury is a great place to live.

Growth and development is important and inevitable, but should be done in a responsible way.  When used appropriately, the comprehensive plan can be a very useful tool for the planning commission and the council in approving future development in our city.

Growth in a responsible way means we must plan for and listen to the concerns of existing neighborhoods making sure their infrastructure and transportation needs are taken into consideration and addressed BEFORE new developments are built. 

While I support the growth of our city, I do not support  TIF districts or tax abatements for development. Our economy is strong and thriving, and our community is growing.  A strong tax base is needed to continue to deliver the services our city needs.  To achieve this,  the tax burden needs to be shared among the homeowners and businesses.