Now you see me, now you don't

Transparency.  Something so necessary in our local government but is so difficult to find.

Each year, our council sets a budget workshop. During this four-hour meeting, the different department heads get up and go through the highlights of the next year's proposed budget.

Have you ever tried to follow the money?  The lack of transparency by our mayor and council means you CANNOT follow the money.  

The budget that the council approves, the public sees, and that is published on their website is not the complete budget. For whatever reason, there are many funds that don't make it into the annual budget document.

Government Transparency is the obligation to share things with the public. This is how the citizens hold the government accountable.  Without transparency, our local government can continue to spend, tax and assess without accountability.

As council member, I would be transparent in ALL things, including our budget.  The more open and transparent the government is, the more accountable they become.