The Issues At Hand

Dollar Bills
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Money, Money, Money

Our budget has grown by leaps and bounds.  In 2016, our budget was $77 million.  In 2018 it reached an adjusted amount of over $91.5 million.  In 2019, the residents are facing a tax levy of 5.2%, the highest since 2008.  City spending needs to be tightened.  Our tax dollars should be spent on basic infrastructure needs first. I will work to make sure our tax dollars are spent on important needs of the community.


Better Woodbury

Our basic infrastructure needs are not being adequately funded by our tax dollars.  Our road rehabilitation funding shortfall was identified in 2015 resulting in higher assessments for homeowners.

Our storm sewer fund, water and sewer funds are also identified as being inadequately funded so for a second year in a row a rate increase is necessary to take care of our growing and aging infrastructure. I will look at the city budget and make sure the funds for our basic infrastructure needs are properly funded.


Safe, Clean, Affordable Water

Five of our nineteen wells have PFC levels above the Department of Health's recommended levels.  Our City has been forced to "mix" the polluted well water with the "safe" water.  The State of Minnesota has received a grant from 3M for the elevated levels of PFCs found in our waters.  The first priority of this grant is to help the affected cities in cleaning up their water supplies so they can provide clean, drinkable water. I will work with the advisory council to ensure Woodbury's water is safe, clean, and affordable.

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