Road Rehabilitation Project

They can and They did.

Our local government seems to lack integrity. While the City knew they had funding shortfalls in the road rehabilitation fund, they adopted a policy that puts in a minimum assessment or 33% of the assessible costs, WHICHEVER IS GREATER.


Yep, that's right. They will assess whichever is GREATER.


What does that mean to the taxpayers?

In 2016, 33% of the costs would have meant the homeowners paid $866.10 for their street and storm sewer costs.  The minimum assessment the council set that year was $2474.  The 33% assessment clearly did not meet the MINIMUM set by the council, so each and every single-family homeowners' assessment for street and storm sewer charges was increased to $2474. 

In 2020, 33% of the road project should have cost the homeowner $1,908.64. Since the 33% did not meet the MINIMUM set by the city, instead of paying $1,908.64, each single-family homeowner was assessed $2,689.00.