Road Rehabilitation Project

They can and They did.

Our local government seems to lack integrity. They assessed homeowners and businesses in a way that calls into question their integrity.The road rehabilitation project for 2016 was the largest single rehabilitation project resulting in 18 miles of residential roads to be rehabilitated.

There was one problem, though.  The city's street rehabilitation fund didn't have enough money for these projects.  The council knew about this problem, formed a task force, and adopted what I call the "minimum assessment policy."  It is just what it sounds like.  Because the city lacked funds to maintain the roadways, they put into place a minimum assessment policy.  

In the past, the homeowners would pay 33% of the street and storm sewer costs.  With the new policy in place, the homeowners would pay 33% or the minimum amount, whichever was GREATER!!!  

In 2016, 33% of the costs would have meant the homeowners paid $866.10 for their street and storm sewer costs.  The minimum assessment the council set that year was $2474.  The 33% assessment clearly did not meet the MINIMUM set by the council, so each and every single-family homeowners' assessment for street and storm sewer charges was increased to $2474. 

The homeowners would also be responsible or 100% of the water, sanitary sewer and sidewalk charges.  

Our total 33% assessment should have been $1,254.70, (prelim. report pg 14 ) but instead it was increased to

$2,862.60 (report pg 16). The city collected $4,747,176.19 in assessments that year (report pg 19 ).  The bid from the contractor to do the work? $4,741,723.93.  They actually collected more from the homeowners than the contractor bid!!! There has never been such an egregious abuse of power through assessments before or since 2016. 

I would use my common sense and integrity to do what's right for the taxpayers.

Integrity, doing what's right even when no one is watching.

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Prepared and Paid for by Kim Wilson for council, 9146 Cambridge Alcove, Woodbury, MN 55125